Teaching / Accompanying / Mentoring

In my work, I aim to transform intuitive, implicit understanding into clear expression. I engage in this by exploring practices of Somatic Meditation and the creative fields of music composition and improvisation. My approach is rooted in what Eugene Gendlin termed the ‘felt sense’—a nuanced interplay between bodily sensations and the meanings they carry.

Through Somatic Meditation, I guide individuals to form a profound connection with themselves, helping them to articulate their internal experiences. In my music teaching, I mentor students to discover their unique voices through contemplative exploration. Together, we uncover the personal nuances hidden within, guiding each individual toward their own distinct expression.

Meditative Somatic Creation

In my Meditative Somatic Creation sessions, we explore the integration of Feldenkrais, Focusing, and TAE to deepen our bodily functionality and awareness, through attention and felt sense. We engage in gentle movements, attentive listening, and meditative conversations to explore self-meaning and enhance physical well-being. These experiences are available through workshops, group lessons, or private guidance, each tailored to support personal exploration and creative growth.

Music Creation / improvisation

In my music creation sessions, we explore the art of composition and improvisation, blending these approaches through piano and electronic mediums. These lessons are open to anyone eager to express themselves musically, from beginners to experienced musicians. I guide each student through a process of self-reflection to help them discover and develop their unique creative path and voice. I offer these sessions in my home studio and via Zoom. Additionally, I teach at the Conservatoire de Montreal.