I offer private lessons and group workshops for musicians of all skill levels. Each session is tailored to enhance your musical skills, from foundational techniques to advanced composition and improvisation.


My teaching approach combines classical and jazz foundations with progressive techniques such as Feldenkrais and Focusing. I also integrate concepts from Gendlin’s Thinking at the Edge, facilitating a deeper engagement with the music creation process and encouraging students to fully explore and articulate their musical thoughts.

About the Instructor

I hold a Doctorate in Composition and am a professor at the Montreal Conservatory, with teaching roles at both Université de Montréal and McGill University. As a certified Feldenkrais and Focusing practitioner, I enrich the artistic learning experience by integrating these somatic approaches into my teaching. My extensive career as a composer, improviser, producer, and artistic director has featured engagements on many international stages.


Private lessons are priced at $100 per hour. For more information on packages and group workshop rates, please feel free to inquire.